Our Services

Diagnostic Audiological Evaluationdetermines the type, degree and cause of any hearing loss found and provides the basis of recommendations for correction. Certain types of hearing loss may need medical referral while others can be helped with the use of hearing aids. Dr. Johnson utilizes the latest technology in audiometric equipment to ensure accuracy.

Balance Evaluationinvestigates the cause of dizziness, vertigo and imbalance. Dr. Johnson will use a screening test to define the source of symptoms. From there, recommendations will be made for further medical examination and/or rehabilitation.

Hearing Aid Evaluation
A person’s success with the use of hearing aids involves three critical elements. The first is the choice of the brand and model of the instrument itself. The second is the skill, experience and knowledge of the individual fitting the instrument. The third is finding a  provider who participates in Real-Ear Measurement (REM).  We specialize in the most technologically advanced digital hearing aids and the best fitting technology available. See our Products Page.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow-up – the hearing aid fitting and follow-up consultations are conducted by Blake Summers, HIS. This is the most critical aspect of the process as Blake customizes the acoustic settings of the hearing aid based on the individual’s hearing loss and communication needs. All instruments are fit using the most advanced fitting techniques including real ear measurement and/or speech mapping to insure the correct settings are used the first time. Use of these techniques reduces the amount adjustments needed on follow-up visits. Feedback provided by the patient in the fitting and subsequent visits will help Blake fine-tune the instruments to maximize the patient’s speech clarity and comfort.