Hearing Aids

We use only the best quality instruments available knowing that in the long run your satisfaction with the instruments provided will be greatly enhanced using superior performing hearing aids. If you compromise using an instrument of poor quality you will regret that decision. Major manufacturers including Widex, Starkey, ReSound, Phonak and Oticon are available in all prices ranges to match each person’s financial situation.

We work with the following hearing aid manufacturers:


Starkey is much more than the hearing aids we produce. Starkey is an experience. One that doesn’t merely promise more, but delivers more: more communication, more participation, and more opportunities to do what you love to do.


From our pioneering R&D work and history of innovation to our patient-proven approach and American-made craftsmanship, Starkey has brought this purpose to life; building partnerships with the millions of people who wear our hearing aids, continually expanding our philanthropic efforts via the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and working every day to help people with hearing loss experience more.


Oticon is the oldest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. Oticon was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant. His son, William Demant, created the Oticon Foundation. The Oticon Foundation is the majority shareholder of Oticon and “The Foundation” is committed through its statutes to support the needs of hearing impaired people.


Phonak’s goal is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss. Phonak is the innovative force in hearing acoustics. With our creative solutions, we strive to overcome technological limitations – so that all people are able to hear, understand and fully enjoy life’s rich landscapes of sound.


Widex is one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of hearing instruments. Widex hearing aids have helped millions of adults and children and Widex innovations have had a profound impact on the hearing aid industry. As a result of the company’s outstanding past performance since 1956, the Widex name is today synonymous with superior technological achievements.


ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing aids that combine original thinking and design with solid technology – all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of users.


The Siemens Audiology Group aims to contribute to the quality of life of hearing impaired people by providing solutions for better hearing and understanding through empowerment of communication, and thereby removing a possible barrier to personal development.


Sonic strives to make an impact on people’s lives. It’s seen in our commitment. In the quality of our products and services. And in our reputation as an honest, friendly, and reliable company. As a hearing instrument company, there’s nothing Sonic enjoys more than hearing for ourselves the positive experiences of users like you.


At Unitron, hearing matters. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the sounds of life. That’s why we direct all our efforts to pioneering innovation. It’s why we focus on helping people hear and understand others-from a child’s question to a friend’s hello-under the most challenging conditions.


In the world of Bernafon, people with restricted hearing can communicate again without limitation.


For over 50 years, Rexton has listened to the unique needs of hearing health professionals and people with hearing loss around the world. Rexton develops a full line of solutions for all types of hearing loss and lifestyle needs with value, innovation, quality, and usability in mind. We strive to put our customers first at every opportunity and to make better hearing more accessible to all people.


Lyric® is the first and only extended wear hearing device that is 100% invisible. Lyric is comfortably placed in the ear canal by a Lyric trained hearing professional and can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months at a time.* No surgery or anesthesia is required. Unlike many other hearing aids, Lyric is positioned completely inside the ear canal, so it uses your ear’s natural anatomy to provide exceptional sound quality and alleviate hearing problems. Lyric lets you hear better and live life to the fullest!


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MicroTech is a company designed to personally know our customers’ goals and market needs. As one of the most reliable American companies in the industry, we are committed to serving our customers better than anyone else.
Behind-The-Ear (BTE)
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Completely-In-Canal (CIC)
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Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC)
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In-The-Canal (ITC) / Half Shell (HS)
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In-The-Ear (ITE)
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mini Receiver-In-Canal (mini RIC)
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Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)
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All hearing instruments are dispensed with a 60 day trial to ensure your satisfaction. The trial period will give you the opportunity to use the hearing aids in varied environments and allow you to evaluate the benefits before being obligated to keep the instruments.

A new development is the iPhone and Android compatible hearing aid. These technological wonders allow the patient to adjust the volume and change programs of the hearing aids through the cell phone, receive cell phone calls through the hearing aids, customize the setting while in noisy environment to improve clarity, as well as streaming music from the phone through the hearing aids. Lost your hearing aid? No problem, just ask the iPhone or Android phone to locate your aid utilizing the Google map. This new technology is certainly the wave of the future integrating hearing aids and cell phones.


Bluetooth compatibility is a new exciting innovation in hearing aid technology allowing hearing aids to be directly connected wirelessly to televisions, cell phones and land line phones. This type of connectivity can considerably improve your listening experience with any of these devices.

The choice of which instrument to use is an important factor; however by far the most critical element in your success and satisfaction with your instrument is the skill, education and experience of the Audiologist fitting the hearing aids. Be sure that the person fitting the instrument is an Audiologist with years of experience and a proven track record of success. An Audiologist can choose the most advanced hearing instrument and do an excellent job in the fitting with the result that your hearing is greatly enhanced or do a mediocre job and compromise your hearing experience.

At Hearing Associates, all fittings are completed by Blake Summers, HIS with years of education and experience which results in excellent speech clarity in a variety of listening environments. With the instrument set properly you are guaranteed the best hearing result possible.

Hearing Aid Batteries – All sizes of batteries are available. Our batteries are always fresh, as we order in small quantities, thereby eliminating problems with shelf life. You are welcome to stop by or call our office in Glenwood Springs at any time to pick up batteries or have them mailed directly to you. Batteries are also available at the satellite offices in Aspen and Edwards during designated office hours.

Hearing Aid Accessories – Dri-aid kits, cleaning tools, and hearing aid disinfectants are a few of the accessories available.

Custom Ear Protectors – Both electronic and passive ear protectors are offered for hunting and other noisy, recreational uses.

Assistive Listening Devices – Amplified telephones, alarms, and television amplifiers are provided.